We all joined renegade for different reasons. I started because I had a huge crush on Oscar and wanted to get close to him. It worked and even though our relationship didn’t make it, I’m so glad I had the experience. I learned a lot from Oscar, about life and about myself.

This is my last blog for renegade; I’ve decided not to keep writing when I start University. As I look back, I have a lot of thoughts bouncing in my head about what renegade has meant to me. I think the biggest thing renegade is leaving me with is my desire to speak the truth. The truth can be scary a lot of the time. The truth is real and sometimes reality is scary. I’ve done a lot of stories for renegade and I’ve helped uncover some ugly truths.

By speaking the truth, you can educate people and I believe that is really important. Education builds power and truth is knowledge. renegade has taught me to ask the tough questions, to not settle for a half-truth, to dig and really get to the heart of the matter.

I haven’t picked my major yet for University, but I think it might be journalism. I love how renegade challenges me. I want to always hang on to that part of me that isn’t afraid to get in there and seek out the truth. If I can do that for the rest of my life I think I’ll be a pretty happy person.

Things are changing and even though I’m sad, I’m excited too. Sandi and I are becoming close (who knew?!), Oscar and I maintain a friendship and I feel like I’m completely and honestly myself; the only person I ever want to be.

I’ll never forget my time on renegade, ever.