I decided to take my film home and show it around. It was reading week anyway so why not visit? I got the renegade group together and it was pretty weird. Having everyone there one last time. I heard about everyone’s really big year. Zoey’s about to leave, Jack is on his way out tonight and Sandi’s living with Patti.

It was strange to see everyone again. Crystal has taken over renegade. She’s doing a pretty good job so far. It’s a bit lighter than it used to be, but I know she’ll hit her stride in time. She’s a tough girl who has definitely seen stuff so it’s just a matter of time before she’s assigning and writing the tough stories too.

Patti and Sandi seem to have something going on. They didn’t say anything directly to me, but I could feel it. You’d have to oblivious to the world to have missed it. I was kind of freaking about it at first, but now I’m okay with it. I love them both and it makes sense they found each other. It’s a perfect case of opposites attract. They’re great together and I hope they make it work (I hope they’re both reading this too so they know that I’m cool with it and that there is nothing to hide!)

My film screening was a success! They seemed to really like my film. I can usually tell when people lie and they seemed pretty legitimate. We ate popcorn, hung out and caught up. I miss everyone and it’s great to see they’re all doing so well.

Until we meet again…