This is it. The last blog. Freakin’ me out a bit, for sure.

I was looking at some old footage the other day and it really got me thinking about all that we’ve accomplished on renegade. It started as a pet project for Zoey and me and since then, it’s become so much more. We’ve devoted our teen lives to renegade, to finding the truth and speaking the truth.

Zoey and I have grown up together on renegadepress.com and no matter what happens, we’ll always have that. We’ve also welcomed a lot of new friends into the renegade circle. When I looked back and saw how much Sandi has changed, it’s almost unbelievable. He’s become a real cool guy who genuinely cares about fighting the good fight. Patti’s stuck it through and even though I have no idea how she does everything she does in a day, she always makes time for renegade. Oscar’s off at University but still keeps in touch – we always have renegade. Emilio, Melanie and even Ben made their mark, and I’ll never forget what they’ve meant to me or to renegade.

I’m glad Crystal’s in charge now. I have faith in my little sister and I know she’ll do me proud. Maybe if I’m nice to her she’ll even let me be a contributing writer now and again. You never know…

Peace now and forever,