Saving the best for last…

2003 Mini Cooper S


  • Owned by BMW, produced in Oxford, England
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engine, 16 valves
  • 163 hp
  • Priced in the $30,000 (CDN) range

I was really just kidding about having more mature tastes some day (see last article). If I can’t go for fast, then I’ll always go for fun! Vroom….

Sales people will try to determine if you ‘qualify’ for purchase. Qualifying is the term that applies to a customer who shows signs of being a serious buyer and also demonstrates where they fall within typical buyer mentality.

Maybe you’re a payment buyer, someone who is mostly concerned with the monthly payments or an allowance buyer who is concerned with the amount received on a trade-in, a difference buyer who is mostly concerned with buying a car that isn’t what they already have, or a leaser who wants to rent rather than buy. Know that the salesperson will figure out where you’re at and will work to find an angle to sell you a car.

This doesn’t mean that this is a bad thing if the salesperson is honest and attempting to work with your interests, but in the end, it’s your responsibility to be an educated consumer.

For me, I’m so into cars that the homework hardly seems like work at all…

If you've thought carefully about a tattoo, done your research and found a reputable studio, there should be no reason to ask about whether tattoos can be removed later if you change your mind. Still, I know somebody is going to ask, so here goes.


Is the process of cutting out the skin that has been tattooed.


Involves rubbing a salt solution into the tattoo to damage the skin causing it to slough off. This must be done by a professional.


A laser emits light that breaks the skin down allowing scavenger cells to digest the tattooed cells. This will take several treatments over several weeks, and it will rarely remove all traces of the tattoo.

So, yes, there are treatments that can remove a tattoo, but the easiest is to think ahead and not have regrets later. Besides, sometimes the anticipation is better than the outcome. At least, that's what I've heard from some people who say they're barely out of the chair and they're already thinking about their next tattoo.

Maybe, that's the answer. Save the cash, don't get the tattoo right away and just hang around the people who are planning their next tattoo. That way you get to talk the talk before making the commitment!