ezine 52

It feels like the end of an era or something. Jack’s moving out to the rez, Zoey’s moving to Montreal, renegade is switching gears from Sinclair brother to Sinclair sister.

With so much change around, I feel like I should make a big life changing decision but I can’t think of any big dramatic change I want to make. My life has pretty much been one big dramatic change after another. Moving from town to town since I was just a little girl, always running from my dad, having to make new friends and meet new people every couple of months when I move... It gets tiring after a while.

I think I’ll be comfortable just staying put and not changing at all. For the first time in almost my whole life I’m in a comfortable place and I can finally see myself actually getting close to someone who likes me for who I am. I can be myself around Heath. He knows who I am, he knows everything I’ve been and he still wants to be with me. We’ve been spending more and more time together and, our friendship is strong and I could see us eventually being something more. I just need to make sure that I wait until I’m absolutely ready so that I don’t get in too far too soon.

I’m not sure what the future holds for me. I’m going to focus on getting through this year and then I’ll see how I feel. I would like to go to university eventually. My grades are good enough and I want more than a waitressing or retail career in my future.

I’ve come a long way in the last three years. This school and the people I’ve met here have really helped me to grow into the person that I am. Before I came to West Central I couldn’t figure out who the real Alex was. I’m still kind of unsure but I’m definitely getting closer. I guess I’ll probably be discovering new things about myself until I die. That’s the point of life, after all, isn’t it?



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