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By Carmen Roverez

I tried and I made a huge mistake. I have never been so wrong in all of my life. I did my research and I thought I had it all figured out. I guess a big part of me wanted to believe that Pearson would never abuse his position of trust. I always liked him and thought he was a good coach - a fair coach. To hear he made sexual advances on Tammy makes me feel sick inside. If I was so wrong about Pearson, what else have I been wrong about and completely missed?

When I first got involved in renegade, I did it for selfish reasons, I wanted to be a star, wanted to get my face out there and really push my modelling career along. Then I started to meet people and research stories and my idea of renegade changed. My idea of myself changed too. I started to realize that I can do a lot more for myself if I use my brain and not just my beauty. I was feeling really good about myself, you know?

I was so excited about breaking the story I missed a few steps along the way. I feel terrible, not about how my report affected Pearson - he made his choice. I feel terrible about Tammy - not believing her and indirectly encouraging others to not believe her. I can't take back what I did, but I've learned a hard lesson. All I can do now is admit my mistake and hope that somebody else learns from what I've done.

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