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By Zoey Jones

I really feel for Carmen right now. She tried to do her best and get the story right. The problem is, Carmen got it all wrong. It happened because everyone lied - Coach Pearson lied, Donna lied and in a way, Tammy lied too. We now know that Coach Pearson is guilty of assaulting Tammy. But now that the truth is out, will there be any consequences for Pearson's actions?

People are not always honest and trustworthy, but coaches and teachers are people in positions of trust and as students we look to them for guidance, sometimes even protection. When that trust is betrayed, the feeling of violation is overwhelming, and it's hard to know where to turn for help. Tammy wanted support, so she told the one person she could trust, her best friend. Armed with Donna's support, Tammy made her claim to the school authorities. It was the only way she could get the horrible truth out. I don't think she should have lied by saying both she and Donna had been abused, but then I don't blame her - she wanted help and she probably thought they'd listen if two complained rather than just one.

The thing that's upsetting is that there may be no real consequence to Pearson's actions. The age of consent in Canada is 14, but the crime Pearson committed was made worse because of his position of authority and being a teacher it makes it difficult for the school system as well. If Pearson leaves quietly, will he get away? Will he still be able to be involved with teenagers?

I don't understand how someone can abuse a position of trust and more importantly, how it can be made so difficult for the victim. There are so many people who are hurt by this kind of problem, Tammy, Carmen and even Mr. Pearson. It makes the healing slow and painful.

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