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By Jack Sinclair

We all do it, get a crush on someone and then try to get them to notice us. It's usually innocent enough, trying to catch someone's eye from across the room, passing a note, eventually going on a date and if you're lucky, it develops into a nice dating experience. But what happens when the guy or girl of your dreams doesn't like you back? What if you go on a date and she doesn't like you enough to return your calls? What if she eventually tells you she doesn't want to see you again? Tough as it is bro, her decision is her decision and 'no' always means 'no'.  

Teenage stalking cases and sex crimes have been on the rise for the last few years. Adolescent girls are in the highest risk category. Not only are teens being stalked and abused, it's often happening to them by people they know and trust. Cases are more common of males stalking females, but it works both ways and boys are being stalked and abused too.  

How do you know when someone is crossing the line? Common stalking behaviours include:  

  • Threatening telephone calls at all hours of the day.
  • Threatening messages in voice mail, notes in lockers, mail, anywhere.
  • Waiting for someone for hours, concealed (Ex: parked car, in the bushes).
  • Watching the person's every move and letting them know you are doing so in a threatening way.
  • Following a person or having a friend follow that person.
  • Showing up wherever the person is (Ex: party, family holiday, job).
  • Sending unwanted gifts.
  • Damaging property and/or stealing from the victim.  

All of these traits are threatening and may lead to serious violent behaviour. Know when to take 'no' for an answer. If someone doesn't want to be with you, you may not like their decision, but you must respect their wishes. If you can't accept the answer, seek professional help and get counselling for your unhealthy behaviour. Remember, it's no fun when it's forced.

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