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By Zoey Jones

Anyone who says your teenage years are your best years has a serious memory problem! What's so special about having to worry about how you look, how you dress, how other people look at you, your school marks, your friends, your enemies, your parents and crushes! Sometimes it just feels overwhelming.

The worst thing about being a teenager is all the pressures we face. There is intense pressure to fit in at school, to be cool enough to not suffer the wrath of a bully. There is pressure to look good and feel good and it's really hard when we're being bombarded by images of stick-thin models. And school grades. My parents drive me up the wall and back again about my marks. When I get 100% on an exam, my mom jokes about 'how come you didn't get 101%', she acts like she's joking, but it's seriously annoying.

So now I have a new pressure to get into this international school. Everything my parents say about it is true: It will look great on a resume, it will improve my chances of getting into any university I want to when I leave high school and I will gain 'invaluable life experience' being overseas. It's all true and actually quite appealing, but what isn't cool is the pressure. It's like my parents have finally found something to agree on - pressuring me - and they're holding strong to their convictions!

What advice can I give myself? I guess the best thing I can do is study, but don't obsess. Let's face it, I want control and I want to be able to do whatever it is I set my mind to, but I'm glad that I'm starting to understand the boundaries of control. I guess the pro-ana's taught me that and now it's time to take my own advice and take a deep breath, step back and smile.

Maybe I'll be an international correspondent next year and maybe I'll be writing from the Underground. Whatever, I'm going to be okay either way and my parents will just have to keep on loving me no matter what. But don't get me wrong, some days I still feel like screaming.

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