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By Jack Sinclair

Anorexia is not something I had ever thought about until I saw it sneaking into Zoey's life. I've never been so afraid for her. She was feeling so much pressure from her family that she was getting herself caught up in their anxiety and expectations. I really believe she came close to dabbling in the world of anorexia and when I couldn't figure out why, I looked at the root of anorexia - control. Anorexia is a disease that gives the victim a sense of complete control over their bodies through food. Suddenly it made sense to me why Zoey found it all so appealing.

We all feel pressure. There's pressure to get good grades in school and to fit in socially, and it's not always easy to find your place in a world that can be so judgemental. Look at Crystal, she chose to deny our Native heritage to avoid being singled out in class. I don't like that she did it, but I sort of understand her decision. It gets really hard to know where you belong sometimes. Along with trying to fit in at school, you also have to worry about home. Zoey has it rougher than usual lately, because not only are her parents on her back about getting good grades, they're fighting between themselves all the time.

I think we all want to feel in control of our lives, it's only natural. The thing is, we can't always control circumstances around us and we certainly can't control others. You have to find a balance. It's not that you stop caring. You just have to realize that people are responsible for their own actions, and then let nature run its course. Just like I couldn't control my parents drinking, Zoey can't control her parents' fighting. She needs to make decisions that will make her happy and healthy, and that doesn't include becoming pro-ana.

I think she's all right now. She's lucky I'm around, because if she ever feels like she's spinning out of control, I'll be here to catch her.

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