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By Crystal Sinclair

Interracial dating isn't a big deal. I mean, I thought it might be for Josh, because he seemed so freaked out when he learned that I was native. I decided to do an experiment to see how people would look at us. I didn't tell Josh I was doing it because I think it would have freaked him out even more. My 'method' as they say in science class was to pay close attention to how people were looking at me and Josh when we went out on a date (not our first date because I was so nervous I couldn't focus on anything other than not acting like an idiot).  

I staged the experiment at a theatre, where we walked in holding hands. I noticed that some people did a double take, but nothing too major. If I hadn't been looking, I probably wouldn't have noticed. We bought our tickets and popcorn and everything seemed pretty normal - no one really seemed to be looking at all. Then, something weird happened. when we were sitting in the theatre waiting for the movie to start, these two guys who were in the row behind us started whispering and giggling. I didn't even pay attention at first because lots of guys do that. Then I happened to glance back and I noticed that they were looking at us and I even caught one of the guys making a rude gesture in my direction. I pretended I didn't see, but I saw that Josh saw too. We didn't say anything about it to each other and we didn't say anything to the guys.  

I don't know what those guys were saying but I'm betting they were making fun of the fact that we were a mixed couple. Maybe I'm just paranoid and I guess if it happens again I should talk to Josh about it. I just felt so stupid because I didn't say anything about it to Josh. We should have talked about it because if those guys were making fun of us for being a mixed couple, it's probably going to happen again and we can't let some loud guys ruin our night.  

In a time where we are third, fourth and fifth generation Canadians, why can't we all just be 'Canadian'? Like I said in history class, I like living in the present and not the past. I like Josh and he likes me - isn't that all that matters?

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