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By 'cool' Sandi B.

Blue balls. Yet another phrase that I had no idea what it meant until I started writing for renegade . I mean I'd heard it before, around the locker room and stuff. You know, guys telling stories about how they tried to convince their girlfriends to have sex with them and making fun of each other for not getting 'it' and having to suffer blue balls. I just smiled and laughed along and didn't really know what it was all about until now.

What are 'blue balls'?

Technically, blue balls is a term to describe a condition called 'Vasocongestion', and despite popular belief, both boys and girls can experience this condition. So, what is this condition? Blue balls or vasocongestion, is a result of an incredible pressure felt in the testes of men and the vulva in woman.

What causes blue balls?

Vasocongestion (blue balls) are caused by increased blood flow to the pelvic region (penis in men and vulva in girls). When the blood pressure increases, blood must flow through blood vessels that have become narrow. Think of it as trying to force a fast flowing stream of water through a skinny drinking straw - there's not a lot of space to work with! This causes pressure to build up (visible in men in the form of an erection and women, well, let's just say they know how they feel). After a long period of time in this erect or aroused state, it can become uncomfortable causing the sensation called blue balls.

Myths about blue balls:

  • Blue Balls cause intense pain.

The truth is, although blue balls can be uncomfortable, they are not life threatening and the pain doesn't even last all that long. Blue balls are not contagious and unfortunately, you will experience some level of vasocongesion EVERY time you are sexually aroused - from now until the end of your sexual life.

  • Your partner must be the one to relieve blue balls.

Far from it - either relieve your condition yourself with masturbation or simply wait it out. The blood flow will eventually ease (usually within minutes) and the pressure will relax. Bye, bye blue balls! Girls, never be pressured into sex by a boyfriend who claims he is in agony from blue balls.

  • Girls have no idea what it's like.

Not true. Girls do experience a similar sensation, there's just no gender specific slang for the term. Vasocongestion in females comes in the form of pelvic and/or vaginal pressure - very comparable to the sensation men experience.

Remember, on the upside, if you have blue balls at least you know everything is working as it should be.

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