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Sandi Bhutella

Fashion. What's it all about anyway? One superstar decides that 'low-rise' pants are cool and before you know it, everyone who has a subscription to Teen Pulse is wearing them.

Low-rise pants can be super sexy, if you have the body for them. I mean, let's be honest people, not everyone should wear them. Call me a sexist if you want to, and I admit don't know a lot about it other than what I see, but I do know that eyes don't lie.

So, in the spirit of journalistic research, I thought I'd ask the girls who wear them for the low down on low-rise jeans and I was shocked at what I discovered. Girl 1, let's call her 'Carmel' said she loved her low-rise jeans. Carmel also took the time to remind me that although low-rise jeans look great on the hanger... they are not intended for everyone. I asked her if they were comfortable. With a pained look she replied, 'well, not really comfortable, but they're okay if you're just like walking around the mall or something. Just don't bend over, sit for too long or on an open back chair and you're fine'. It didn't really make me want to rush right out and buy a pair.

Then I asked Girl 2, 'Megan'. Megan had quite a different take on low-rise jeans. She told me all kinds of terrible things... how low-rise pants are the modern day equivalent of a medieval torture device, that they almost always fit badly and they totally limit your range of movement causing you to walk like a "12 inch fashion doll." And, don't even try to bend over or chances are you'll flash your butt to the world. So, if you drop your notebook on the floor...just leave it there. Enough said.

Megan then went on to tell me of a horrible condition called meralgia paresthetica. This condition causes numbness or tingling of the thighs by pinching a nerve located at the hip. If this condition is left untreated, the numbness can be permanent! So, in my humble fashion opinion - forget the low-rise jeans ladies... long live the mini-skirt!

And as far as low-rise or low-slung pants on guys - there are no body types that can handle a bad case of plumber's crack with any kind of dignity, so don't even go there.

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