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Jack Sinclair

Yo, yo, yo
You ready to flip it
I'm here to trip it
If you up for the talkin'
I ain't spittin' or bawkin'
I'm all about my words
So's it's my time to be heard

I was totally trippin' about even submitting my tape to the freestyle MC battle. When I found out I had made it into the final, well, then I was really trippin', but I almost blew the whole thing off... didn't wanna put it all on the line like that. It's not easy putting yourself out there in front of everyone because they're not just listening to you - they're judging you.

The thing about MC Battling is that it's been going on for as long as hip hop's been around. Any good MC is always working the audience, always spittin' his words. The competition side of it is what's really exciting, that's the reason I showed up - I did it for me. I wasn't' worried about disappointing anyone else, it was more about me walking the talking that I've been doing for so long. MCing and freestyling are my passion and I believe that if you have a passion, you better follow it or forget it. What's the point of being all talk anyway? That'll never get you anywhere and I want to be heard, so I got it together to show the local scene what Jack Sinclair can lay down.

So, I lost... it's all good. DJ Damon took me aside and shared some insight - he liked my rhymes, so for my first competition, I'd say I did a'ight.

Peace out.

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