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By Sandi Bhutella

When you think of cosmetic surgery, you usually think of women. Now more than ever men are choosing to have plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. The reasons range from vanity to self-esteem to the flat out ridiculous. I decided to learn a little bit more about why men (and teenage males in particular) are opting to go under the knife.


There are three main reasons to consider cosmetic surgery: health, self-confidence and vanity. Health issues may include a crooked nose that causes breathing problems. Rhinoplasty (a nose job) can help correct this. Rhinoplasty can also give you the nose you've always dreamed of, look at Michael Jackson... how many noses has he had... and now he doesn't even have one!

Self-confidence is another reason why men, and teens in particular, are opting for cosmetic surgery. Surgery can improve a feature that you've been born with (birthmark on your face) or adjust a feature that is the product of an accident (scar tissue on the face). The confidence-building surgeries are aimed at fixing things you don't like about your body.

The Number One Surgery

The number one surgery for adult and teenage males is gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction). This surgery involves performing liposuction on the male breast area. Enlarged male breasts affect many adolescent and adult males. The surgery should never be performed on an adolescent boy, for the condition almost always disappears by the time the boy reaches his mid-teens. However, if the condition has been present for years, there is a chance it will never go away, and gynecomastia surgery is an option to remove this embarrassing problem.

Vanity Pecs & Peckers

Vanity is the reason for some of the weirdest surgeries I researched. Men will have everything that women have done - nose jobs, tummy tucks, botox injections, face lifts, chin tucks, and the list goes on and on. One of the more serious and weird operations I discovered were pectoral implants - or how to make your chest manlier and more shapely (heard of working out, dude?) and penis enlargement (heard of leaving it alone, dude?). Seriously, penis enlargement has plagued the minds of men forever! Everyday my email inbox is filled with spam telling me of all the ways to 'enhance my manlihood' and 'make my lady happy with enlarged manliness'. And yes, there is surgery to make your penis either longer or thicker or both.


Cosmetic surgery is your call but if you decide to do it, know what you're getting into and make sure you don't have any regrets. I mean, surgery is surgery and I really don't know if any cosmetic surgery is worth letting someone cut you for. But hey, I'm lucky, my pecs are skinny and I'm okay with that. As for the penis enlargement - my friend's staying put in my Levi 501's.

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