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by Jack Sinclair

Yo yo check this out.

For all you homies who don't know how to sing that thang, here's some hippin' to stop you from trippin'.

Translation: Here are some hip-hop slang definitions to help you avoid any potentially embarrassing situations.

Definition: All right
Ex: Yeah, I think the new teacher is a'ight.

To flaunt money - to make a scene of your cash and wealth.
Ex: Yo, check out his bling-bling, that guy is ballin!

Jewellery. Especially accurate when used to describe someone wearing a lot of jewellery, particularly gold.

Bitin' Me:
To copy someone, especially their style.
Ex: Why you buy that dress - you know you be bitin' me!

(1) Business, responsibilities, priorities.
(2) Describe someone who is attempting to butt into your private life.
Ex1: Get your bidness in order
Ex2: Mind your bidness!

Ex: Can't afford it, it cost 50 bones.

Boo - yah:
(1) Slang for 'I told you so!' when used at the end of a sentence.
(2) Can be used to express victory.
Ex 1: I told you you'd lose. Boo Yah!
Ex 2: Boo-yah! I whopped you in that b-ball game.

Cold kickin' it live:
Having a good time with friends.
Ex: At last night's party, we were cold kickin' it live!

A place to live.
Ex: We meetin' at your crib tonight?

Ex: I'm just chillin' in my crib tonight.

To be chilling and relaxing at the same time... very calm.
Ex: Tonight, I'm kickin' at my crib and chillaxin'.

Dirty phat:
To be extra good -- a step above 'phat'.
Ex: That party was dirty phat!

To live a luxurious or decadent lifestyle
Ex: Since he won the lottery, Mackie been flossin'

Fo' so:
For sure.
Ex: I am fo' so hittin' that party tonight.

Teeth or smile.
Ex: Nice grill.

Cool style.
Ex: You're lookin' ill in that dress!

Kickin' it:
To relax, usually with your friends.
Ex: Tonight, I'm just kickin' it.

Let's bounce:
Expression used when it's time to leave.
Ex: This place is old, let's bounce.

Peace out:
A form of 'goodbye'.
Ex: Yo, peace out.

Friends and/or family.
Ex: I'm going out with my peeps tonight.

Relating to anything that is good - looking good.
Ex: Man, you look phat tonight!

Used to describe something done extremely well - particularly when describing extreme sports.
Ex: That ollie was sick!

This is just a primer to get you started on the road to verbal phatness!

Peace out!

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