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By Sandi Bhutella

Advice columns are popular with teenagers, so that's how I knew it was my ticket onto renegadepress. Just take a look at any teen magazine, ezine, 'zine or teen internet site, and you'll see that advice columns are always featured. People are always looking for answers, and I think I have those answers.

Teens have so many things that they wonder and worry about and there's no way to find all the answers on our own. If we're lucky, we have a parent we can talk to (yeah right, who ever talks to their mom about sex?), or an older brother or sister who listen and give good advice. But, if you're like most teens, you have questions and no idea where to find the answers. Advice columns can give you a new way of looking at a situation.

So, you may be thinking, 'what makes Sandi qualified to answer serious questions from teenagers?' Experience! For one thing, I've read a million advice columns - I've been reading them for years, and nobody has had more questions than me. If someone asks me a question that I don't have an answer to - I'm not afraid to find it.

Compare my advice to horoscopes. If you trust 'Madam Zora' to predict your day, month, year and life path based on a star sign you share with a gazillion people, then why not trust Sandi-the-Man Bhutella? On the other hand, why trust either one of us? Are advice columns really all that useful? Is my opinion going to be any more valuable than some 1-800-psy-chic? Can one person really reach teaming masses of conflicted teens? Not sure, but I'll find out.

D-e-a-r A-b-b…


S-i-g-n M-e,

P-o-s-e-r w-I-t-h a-n a-d-v-I-c-e c-o-l-u-m-n

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