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by Jack Sinclair

Family usually means you should value each other and want to protect each other no matter what, right? That's what I always thought, but then I discovered that it's a fine line between protecting the ones you love and hurting them. My sister Crystal and me, we were just getting to know each other again after spending an entire lifetime apart. I wanted to be a good big brother, someone she can look up to and admire – someone who's cool and responsible. Trouble is, sometimes being cool and being responsible seem like the opposite ends of the world.

Crystal just started chatting on-line. Everyone does it, so it wasn't worth getting worked up about until I accidentally saw some of her conversations. She seemed to be getting pretty intense with this Bobby guy. At first, I didn't think anything of it, like I said, everyone does it; then Zoey reminded me about cyber stalkers and it got me thinking that maybe Crystal might be getting herself into trouble. This was one of those times when I hated being right, but I found out that her on-line buddy 'Bobby' was a total creep who could do her some serious harm.

The fact is, Crystal wouldn't listen so to save her from this creep, I had to break her trust. We were really starting to have a connection, and I risked losing that by nosing in on her business. But if I hadn't, she might have been halfway across Canada by now with that creep, or worse.

Still, it wasn't easy to rat on her, and it's impossible to know how far to go when you are trying to protect the ones you love. I just kept thinking that it would be better to have her mad at me now than risk losing her forever, and if it put one more creep in jail then maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to do. Who knows, maybe it saved someone else's sister as well?

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