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By Sandi Bhutella

What a sucker I am. Girls can spot me from miles away. I actually wonder if I emit some sort of sonic emission that acts as a homing device. You know girls pick up on the sound, and they just can't help but swoop in to sucker me. The only up side in all of this is that I consider myself a bit of an expert on the subject of being played, mainly because of my impressive track record. So here, for all you 'Sandi types' are some tips to let you know if a sudden interest on the part of a total hottie is legit or not.

How to know if you're being played:

  • A girl, who you've shared homeroom with for three years (or similar situation), suddenly acts like you're the most interesting person in the world.
  • You are being showered with compliments that don't make sense. Example: Wow, the way you walk down the hallway is soooo impressive.
  • A girl brings her friends along to 'chat' with you and shower you with attention. You notice that while the two of them are working you, they're also making eye contact with each other.
  • She says she likes you – no girl who has a crush on you is going to tell you that to your face.
  • She's the hottest girl in school and you are not her equal!
  • She has a boyfriend who happens to be the most popular guy in school.
  • You have something she wants. Example: A renegadepress.com column.
  • She flirts with everybody.
  • She disappears as soon as someone more interesting comes along.
  • She stops noticing you when her goal has been reached. Ex: The renegadepress.com article is complete.

Sound advice my friend. Maybe, I should follow it sometime?

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