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By Crystal Sinclair

Jack is cool! Finally, having a totally weird brother might pay off. I mean, if he gets famous, think of what that'll mean for me? I'll get to go to all his shows for free, and he'll probably meet lots of famous people who he'll invite over to the house to hang out. Then there's the money... he'll have so much money he won't know what to do with it. And, let's not forget product placement and corporate sponsorship – maybe some big company will want him to wear their clothes or use their stereo equipment. He'll have so much stuff he'll offload the excess to me! Plus, I just like this kind of hip-hop better – it's a little more ‘radio' and a little less ‘Jack'.

Not that I didn't like Jack's other stuff. It's just that he's always trying to make a point, trying to get noticed and always walking the fine line of embarrassing me. This music though, the new stuff that Russell wants him to write, now that's something you can sing along to. And, I know my friends will like it too – Jack's other stuff, when he's writing about corporate influence and social injustices, well, I just think it's all a bit too heavy for my friends. They think Jack's a little weird, and I guess I do too.

This is so exciting – fame, fortune and all Jack has to do is sign on the dotted line change his look, change his music, change his lyrics and agree to do everything Russell tells him to do.

Now that I think about it, maybe Jack's old stuff wasn't so bad after all. I mean he did win a chance to participate in a freestyle battle. I just hope he gets everything he wants and not what someone else tells him to do because I know what that's all about and it SUX!

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