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By Zoey Jones

I started doing some research to prove that surveillance was wrong – that we should never infringe on people's privacy. As a good journalist, I wanted to test the product, really know what I was evaluating, so I set up a surveillance camera in the kitchen at home. I expected to tape a couple of boring conversations between my parents and watch my mom drink coffee, but I ended up proving my point in a very personal way – I overheard my mother having a conversation with a man she's having an affair with.

People have the right to a personal life, but where do you draw the line between having a personal life and keeping secrets from family members? I want to be treated with respect, and although I don't tell my parents every single detail of my life, I try to be honest. I don't know how my mom and dad got so messed up. The part that makes all of this the hardest, is that my dad knows that my mom is having an affair, yet he still chooses to live in the house and share a bedroom with her. They say they're staying together for me, but they don't even ask what I want. Do they think I like listening to them fight? Do they think I like the uncomfortable silence at the dinner table? When they do appear to by trying to create a family atmosphere, it's uncomfortable and I feel like a stranger in my own home. I think they've lost track of why they're even together.

All I know is that I feel betrayed, and I guess I brought this on myself by 'spying' on my family. Video surveillance started as a way to protect people by saving them from random acts of violence and crime, and not infringe upon other people's right to privacy. I feel like a jerk, and if I've learned anything from all of this is that people need to learn to communicate better. Somewhere along the way we stopped talking, and the silence created a huge industry of spy ware and video surveillance.

There's no place for spy gear in a society that hopes to achieve a measure of honesty, and there's no place for spying in a home that harbours secrets. I never thought I would learn more than I ever wanted to know, but I did, and now there's no going back to childhood.

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