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By Jack Sinclair

When Zoey found out about her mom's affair, she was really upset. She feels betrayed and even worse - they've told her that they're staying together for her, like she has anything to say about her parent's decision.

I watched my mom and dad split up. It happened when I was pretty young and the circumstances were a lot different than they are with Zoey. My parents were both drinkers, and drinking was the one thing they had in common. They would spend their days shuffling around the house, not really talking. Dad would do his thing and mom would do hers. Then, the booze would come out. Suddenly they'd have something in common. They'd pay some attention to Crystal and me, and sometimes they'd even laugh. It never lasted long though, because as the drinking continued everything would change. Mom would get mad at dad for being lazy and dad would yell at mom for being a nag. It would go on like that and Crystal and I would hide in our room trying not to make any noise.

Then one day dad cleaned up. It all happened so suddenly. He stopped drinking and mom didn't, and they had nothing in common anymore. Dad left, but mom wouldn't let both Crystal and I go. So, dad took Crystal because she was so young and left me on the Rez' with mom. It wasn't easy because she still kept drinking and I had to take care of myself most of the time. I think that's what Zoey's going through now. I lost my sister when my parents split, so I had no one to talk to. Zoey's an only child and she has no other family member to talk to either.

I guess don't know exactly how she feels, but I think there's a lot that I can understand. I'll do the one thing that can help her now. I'll listen.

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