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this week


By Jack

When I started renegadepress.com I was just a kid. I already knew the difference between right and wrong and I knew there was a lot of stuff happening out there to youth that no one was talking about. The people who were talking, were generally telling lies and I wanted to find the truth.

I think renegade has accomplished that on a lot of levels. Nothing is perfect, but by working hard and seeking the truth, I feel that we’ve been able to stick pretty close to the moral code that I started with five years ago. That’s why I can’t sell the site. I can’t let it get into the hands of someone I don’t know.

When you sell something for personal or financial gain, you’re called a sellout. Selling out is not something I want to do. If I let the site go for cash, I would have no control over how the website is used. It could be turned into a site that spews right-wing propaganda and gives away free psychic readings through flashing banner ads. I’d have no way of stopping it.

I can’t let something I’ve poured my heart and soul into for so long out of my control. Money is tempting, but then I would be a sell out through and through. I’ve been tempted with selling out before with my music and musicians face the sellout temptation a lot. I resisted before and I’m resisting again.

Selling out is not an option for Jack Sinclair.


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