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By Zoey

Things get dangerous when people start ignoring their own lives and obsessing over someone else’s. Poor self-image can lead to someone thinking that another person’s life is better than his or her own. This can lead to an unhealthy interest and even to obsession of someone based solely on physical or tactile aspects. When Lianna started following me around, she was really crossing the line. Her interest in me was not genuine; it was based solely on her idea of me.

Lianna and I are total strangers, yet she treated me like we were close friends. The lines of reality were skewed and she was too close for comfort.

You can tell when someone is crossing the line with you if:

  • They follow you around
  • They contact you even when you have no relationship or
    you’ve asked the person to leave you alone
  • They contact your friends or family inappropriately
  • They make note of your physical movements closely for an
    extended period of time
  • Check out personal information about you without consent

Lianna did all of these things to me. Luckily for me, she never got violent. Often when a person is obsessed, behaviour will be very erratic and the victim is reduced to an object in the mind of the obsessor. This disassociation can lead to dangerous actions being put on the victim.

I was able to confront Lianna and connect with her on a human level to help her understand that I’m a person, just like her. She’s going to get some help now to get over her obsessive behaviour. She’ll work with a professional to heal and hopefully in time she’ll realize that she’s pretty amazing and doesn’t need to want to be anyone else.

It’s a good lesson for everyone, accept who you are and be happy with who you are. It’s all we’ve got after all!



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