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By Connor

Teenagers are often guilty of thinking they are more mature than they are. As much as it can be tough to accept there are laws and rules in our country to help us and protect us from certain things. A way to get that protection is to set age restrictions on certain acts and behaviours. We can’t drink until we’re eighteen or nineteen, depending on what Canadian province you live in. We can’t drive until we’re sixteen. We can’t vote until we’re eighteen. The age of consent is currently fourteen in Canada. There are big and important laws protecting children and youth against child pornography.

Canada’s child pornography law makes it illegal for anyone to produce, circulate or possess sexually explicit videos or pictures of people younger than eighteen years of age. These videos are even illegal if the people in the images appear to be under eighteen.

It’s not only looking or possessing these images that can get you in trouble but producing them as well. If you are under eighteen then it is illegal for you to record or possess sexually explicit images of yourself. Not to mention distributing them on the internet. The minimum punishment for having any kind of involvement with child pornography is two years in prison.

The punishment is serious because the crime is serious. In order to get these types of images off the net, everyone has to be responsible, even teens thinking they are just having some fun.



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