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By Alex

The case I had against Dylan was always a tough judgment to win and there are a lot of different reasons why I lost the case. When it comes to sexual assault cases, often the case becomes a battle of character, as witnesses are rare and the case becomes a case of two people telling two different stories.

The way it seems to me is that Dylan is guilty of sexual assault. Although he didn’t cause major physical harm, he did cause serious emotional harm and he did physically abuse me by forcing himself on me sexually. There are serious consequences for those actions and to find him guilty in a court of law it had to be determined without question that he forced himself on me. What this basically comes down to is his word versus mine.

Oftentimes with sexual assault cases the case comes down to a battle of character: victim vs. abuser. There are very rarely witnesses involved in sexual assault cases and therefore the courts are left with nothing other than character evaluation. In my case there was opportunity to draw on other people, witnesses. As it turned out for me however, these witnesses did not help me, rather they caused even more uncertainty about my character and therefore strengthened the doubt towards Dylan’s guilt.

Even though this did not end well. I am glad it’s over because at least now I can try to move on. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m going to be strong. I was brave enough to report Dylan and charge Dylan and have my character ripped apart in front of a bunch of adults and friends. If I can handle that kind of personal judgment and scrutiny, I think I can handle the last bit of high school.


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