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By Jack Sinclair

In the last few years there are a couple of hot new trends that have hit the internet, blogs and vlogs. People have mixed feelings about both and as I learned again, there is a lot more than meets the eye when dealing with the internet, especially in the age of the vlog.

A blog is generated by an internet user and is basically an online diary or journal of that user’s thoughts on a particular subject. Blogs can be updated daily, weekly, monthly or otherwise and when they are updated, they are in reverse chronological order (meaning you see the most recent entry first). Blogs usually have a particular theme and that can mean anything from talking about school to talking about music or politics or friends. Most blogs usually contain images, internet links and other media that is relevant to the topic. Blogs are often interactive which means that visitors can leave comments about the blog once they have visited.

A vlog is a bit more involved than a blog and you need a bit more technical savvy to have a vlog. A vlog is basically a video blog, which means the idea is similar to a blog, but instead of text being the primary source of information, video clips are used. Vlogs, like blogs, can be about just about anything. Many people make their vlogs personal, kind of like a journal.

For a lot of people, blogs and vlogs are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family from far away. By having a publicly viewed internet space to put videos, thoughts or photos up, it’s an easy and affordable way to keep people up to date on what’s going on. For other people, blogs or vlogs are a great way to get their opinions out there. Blogs and vlogs are also a great way to connect people and to create online communities of like-minded people and a great way to showcase talents with video editing or writing or even photography. I blog on renegade as a way to tell stories and spread the word about my music. People who do it have their reasons and there are a lot of good ones.

Blogs and vlogs can also be dangerous. It’s like anything, people can be dishonest and people can take advantage of a good thing. In the case of Sullengirl, she took advantage of people’s good nature and lied. She pretended to be a something she wasn’t and she really could have hurt people. Vlogs can also provide a bit too much personal information about people so you have that same old internet concern about giving up too much personal information for the entire world to see. You gotta be careful because not everyone can be trusted and if you’re giving out your image, you better be sure your address isn’t there too because things can go too far (I’m still reeling from what almost happened to Crystal a few years ago).

I think blogging and vlogging can be great for people, I only have a problem when people like Sullengirl16 make stuff up for attention and use the medium as a tool to get sympathy or create a pretend drama. There are enough mixed messages on the internet without people faking their way through life via a vlog.




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