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By Alex Young

When I started sharing my prescription with Zoey I wasn’t trying to turn her into a druggie, I just wanted to help her. She seemed so freaked out and I thought my prescription could relax her a bit. I had no idea she was going to take it too far and mix it with other drugs. Of course, I also had no idea that I would start selling my prescription drugs for cash either. The thing is, prescription drugs are drugs and there are serious dangers in taking pills that aren’t prescribed to you. I should know, I’m scared to take the pills that are prescribed for me.

Many people think that because a prescription medication is from a doctor that it is a ‘safe’ drug. That’s not necessarily true. The doctor who prescribes the drugs is prescribing for one particular person. The doctor will take into account a lot of things when he/she prescribes the drug and will also take the time to warn of any precautions, possible side effects and other really important information about the drug when the prescription is made. Sharing that with someone else can be risky.

There are three main types of prescription drugs that are abused: opiods (taken to reduce pain and help reduce coughing or diarrhoea), depressants (to treat anxiety, panic attacks and sleeping disorders) and stimulants (used to treat depression, obesity, asthma and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Opiods prevent the brain from receiving pain messages. Overuse or misuse of these kinds of drugs can cause slowed movement and slow down breathing to near coma state or even cause death. These kinds of drugs are especially dangerous if they are mixed with other drugs.

Depressants have scary side effects too. Taking too many can slow breathing and if you mix these kinds of drugs with other medications, breathing and heartbeat can slow down to the point of death. If you take these drugs regularly and then suddenly stop, the sudden change can also cause seizures.

Stimulant abuse can cause heart failure or seizures – both can kill. These drugs too become even more dangerous if mixed with other drugs. Taking high doses of these drugs can cause paranoia, aggression and serious addiction that is really hard to break.

Over the counter drugs are available without prescription and are abused too. It’s like any drug – taking too many to try and get high is just dangerous and stupid. Drugs are drugs and there is no way to know for sure how your body will react to taking high quantities. 

All of these drugs can lead to addiction, the most common side-effect of prescription drug abuse. Addiction is one of those things that is not easy to kick. Once you have an addiction, you have a whole new world of problems. It’s pretty scary to see what people with severe addictions will do just to get their fix of drugs. I worry about my mom, I know she’s addicted and I’m scared of the day she doesn’t have her pills. I don’t want to be a slave to anything. Control is something to be valued and I don’t take my self-control lightly. My days of prescription drug sharing are over. I can’t bear the thought of helping someone else risk their life. I hope Zoey kicks this new fascination with prescription drugs. It’s not worth it. I might have to step in and get her some help if she doesn’t figure it out. I can’t watch her completely mess herself up.


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