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By Oscar Churniak

The role of school trustee is not widely understood. A lot of people asked me why I would want to run for such a position and if I got it what changes could I make?  Well, the truth is that the school trustee actually has a lot to do with the way a school is run and where the money is spent.

Basically school trustees are like members of parliament or MLAs. They represent the voting public (or students in this case) when it comes to certain school policies. They have a great deal of say in school issues like policy, budgets and administration. If, for example, the federal government were to go about slashing education funding it would be up to the school board trustees to fight to restore those funds. They also, and usually do, try to get as much money for their individual school division as they possibly can.

The school trustee is responsible for setting up board policies, goals and budgets in order to provide the best educational opportunities for students. The number one goal for a school trustee is the welfare and education of the students in their jurisdiction. In order to do this a school needs money, proper policies and curriculum’s – school trustees assist in making that happen. 

Another job (sometimes the most unwelcome and hardest part of the job) is being the school board’s middleman when it comes to dealing with the public or with certain issues that a parent might have with the type of education their child is getting. If, say, a teacher decided to show a risqué film to a class in order to teach sex education, a furious parent would call and complain to the School Trustee.

It’s because of all these reasons that I wanted to run for the job of school trustee. To actually have some input in how we are educated and where money goes would be beneficial to me, and the students of West Central. I would allow for a real youth voice in the system and I wish the voters felt the same - who else will fight for condoms in the bathrooms?

It is impossible to expect change without risks – I think I’m a very good risk to take.

- Oscar

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