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Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth


by Sandi Bhutella

So I guess I’m grounded again. Now, instead of not being able to leave the house for the rest of my life, I think my parents are planning to lock my coffin in my room after I die. That way, there is no chance of escape. I am officially grounded for eternity.

Sure it was a stupid thing that I did. And sure, I probably knew that I was going to get caught from the beginning. But for some reason, I still went through with it. I still had it in my head that this was a smart thing to do, and that even if I did get caught – again – it would all be worth it. Well, I’m sad to say that it wasn’t. Once again I was denied a romantic evening alone with my girlfriend. Whereas, if I had just behaved like a good little boy, I would have got to go to the dance, see Charlotte and probably have a pretty decent time. Instead, I lied and cheated and tried to sneak her into my bedroom under my parents’ noses. Seemed like a good idea at the time…

Women seem to have this undeniable power over us men. A power that makes us think that our ridiculous plans will come off without a hitch, and that we’ll never get caught. The thought of spending time with a beautiful woman makes everything else seem unimportant, and believe that there couldn’t possibly be any consequences for our actions. But  because we’re not really thinking, we never our tracks properly which almost always leads to getting caught. We continue to spend money, risk groundings and act stupidly all for that one chance at connecting with these beautiful and very complicated creatures. Sometimes I think that maybe Oscar has the right idea about being gay. I don’t think there would be nearly as many complications when it was two guys:

“You wanna go out?”

That’s all it would take. But then I think about the sexual thing, and it turns me off the whole idea.

So, I guess maybe I’m destined to spend eternity alone, trying to land that perfect girl, trying to plan the perfect scenario so we can be together, and miserably failing at every turn. Hopefully, Charlotte won’t get too sick and tired of my stupid schemes, and realize that she’s wasting her time with me. I really don’t want it to come to that. It’s like I’ve found this great person who actually likes me for who I am, and I keep screwing it up by trying to sneak around. I’ve learned my lesson from now on though. I know I’ve said it before, but I am through with lying and trying to get my way by hiding the truth. I mean it hasn’t worked so far, so maybe the truth will have the opposite results. Only time will tell, I guess…



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