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Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth


by Sandi Bhutella

Lying seems to be a trait built into us from early childhood, which follows us well into our adult years. As you grow older these lies usually go from being cute to being destructive or harmful. Young children are constantly making up stories or telling tall tales, but they’re not trying to hurt anyone. They’re just having fun.

Then when you get older you may realize that you actually like the reaction that these tall tales get. Many people don’t even think that they’re lying so much as stretching the truth. We’ve all done it… You’re telling a story and then you add little bits and pieces that aren’t really true, but they make the story sound better so you keep adding and adding…

Then there’s the people who just sort of fall into the bad habit of out-and-out lying. Rather than telling the truth, they tell their parents or friends whatever they think they want to hear. These people aren’t usually trying to be nasty or hurtful, they just fall into the bad habit of telling people whatever they believe they want to hear.

Usually no one lies just for fun, it usually accompanies other behaviours like stealing, drinking, drugs, cheating and/or violence. People think they’re trapped or going to be caught doing something bad, so they’re reaction is to lie and try to get away with it.

Looking back on my own situation, I know exactly why I lied. I wanted to be alone in the house with my girlfriend, and if my parent’s knew this they would never let it happen. If I were honest with them, then I wouldn’t have gotten what I wanted not that I got what I wanted anyway). Thinking about everything that happened, it would have made far more sense to tell the truth. The worst that would have happened is that I’d have had to go away with my parents for the weekend and not get to be with Charlotte. Instead I lied, still didn’t get to fool around with Charlotte, got punched in the face, was caught ‘throwing a party’ and was grounded. Yup, comparatively speaking, I’d say that it’s the truth for me from now on.

I may have lied again just there… The important thing is to at least try to always tell the truth and not become one of those people who just let the lies pile up one upon the other until they become force of habit.

And being grounded, I’ll be able to avoid all kinds of situations that might have me tempted. At least my punishment for my crimes will keep me honest.



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