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Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth


by Jack Sinclair

Anger has the power to make us do things we wouldn’t normally do. It’s like when you get that tense feeling in your stomach and you think that nothing really matters or that there won’t be any consequences for your actions. A good example would be Zoey, who’s always the first to think about the outcome of a decision, taking her dad’s car without him knowing it. It was completely out of character for her.

There are a number of ways to deal with anger. Getting even with whoever made you angry is one of the most common. While this may seem like a good idea at the time, it’s only short-term relief and you’ll eventually end up feeling just as bad as you did before. Revenge isn’t quite the right word to describe the idea of ‘getting even’. With revenge the anger is taken out directly on the person who hurt you, but getting even usually causes more harm to yourself than anybody.

I think Zoey’s problem (and I know I’m going to get into trouble for trying to analyze her) is that she thinks she can deal with everything by herself. I know that she’s a strong person. She’s one of the strongest people I know, but it makes me angry sometimes when she won’t open up and talk about what’s bugging her. Hmm, maybe I should actually talk to her about this, rather than just writing it down…

The more people keep their anger stored up inside of them, the more it grows and festers and keeps getting stronger and stronger until eventually it takes over. But if you talk to somebody about it, it can help to relieve some of the anger you’re feeling even if they can’t solve all your problems. 

Try it: The next time somebody does something that really makes you angry, rather than pouting about it all day, tell them why you’re so mad. You’d be surprised at how much better you’ll feel afterwards and you might also realize how small of a problem it was to begin with.




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