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by Sandi Bhutella

Usually when talking about sex the number one question on guys’ minds is “am I big enough?” Believe it or not, the size of a man’s penis is generally considered to be his number one concern, and with so much else that they could be worrying about it’s kind of shocking…

A guy obsessing about his size is nothing new. We’ve actually been fascinated and obsessed with it pretty much since the dawn of humankind. The ancient Romans and Egyptians portrayed their gods with rather large members. “Geb”, a God of the Egyptian Era, sported a huge penis pointing towards the sky. There’s also Priapus, the Roman, who proudly displays his gigantic phallus. Not to mention, the countless pieces of erotic art that usually show the penis as a symbol of a man’s vigor or sexual power.

If you’re uncomfortable with the size of your Johnson and are thinking of following in my shameful footsteps by trying out enhancement pills, you should keep in mind that a large percentage of the pills offered online (usually the ones recommended in various SPAM emails) are a scam. They’re usually nothing more than placebos designed to rook gullible guys like myself into dishing out their hard earned money. And then it dawns on us what we’ve been taken when we wait, and watch, but nothing exciting happens downstairs. S

In most cases, our feelings of inadequacy come from a complex that begins with our own self-image. You’d be surprised how a trip to the gym would help to improve this. If you really are concerned with the size of the heat you’re packin’, then there really isn’t anything you can do about it short of surgery, which as I understand doesn’t really do anything anyway. It may improve the size of your member when it’s “at ease”, but it doesn’t really add any strength or size when it’s “standing at attention.” So the only people you’re going to impress are your buddies in the locker room. If you want a safe way to make your Johnson look a little bigger my advice is to trim, but not shave, your pubic hair. It may not add any physical size, but the effect is the same. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with doing a little landscaping every now and then. And trust me, your lady friend will be far more grateful for this than anything surgery could provide. Just be careful with the scissors!

The length of an averaged sized penis is roughly five to six inches. These measurements are done while erect. Measuring a flaccid one doesn’t really count since they can vary in size considerably. So, because I know you’re all going to do it anyways, go fetch that ruler from the junk drawer and see how you measure up. The problem with knowing stuff like this is that when it comes to size, most guys don’t want to be just ‘average’. We’d rather be bigger than average - huge even. But pick up any woman’s magazine (maybe your sister has one), and you’ll read over and over again, women don’t value size. It’s only a guy thing.

And now for my final thought: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have anything larger than what Mother Nature gave you. You’ve got it for a reason. No matter what you hear or read, it’s not the size of your club that matters, it’s whether or not you know how you swing it.



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