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by Jack Sinclair

Sometimes my dad will say “Jack, you've got to think outside the box.” At first I thought maybe he'd been to one too many motivational seminars, because if you're in a box, thinking is not going to get you out, if you know what I mean. Then I started thinking about what it really meant, and actually, it's a pretty profound expression.

We all fall prey to ruts. You know the kind of thing. It's when it seems like there's nothing new, no new directions to strike out in and no way to be inspired about what you're doing. Thinking outside the box means to go beyond that state, and to break free from the ruts.

If you're someone who is an outside the box thinker then you probably:

  • Are eager to look at new ways to think about familiar activities.
  • Are open to trying different things or ways of doing certain tasks.
  • Find value in new ideas, listen to others and support their new ideas.

Those who think outside the box are explorers. They don't just think of new ways of doing things, they act upon these ideas. The reward is an immense feeling of satisfaction when you've broken free from the “everything has been done before” mode and moved on to new horizons. Fortunately for me, Terrence was an outside the box thinker so my vision of blending hip hop with Native American Church music became a reality and the result speaks for itself.

Break free and do what's never been done before. You'll never regret it.




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