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by Zoey Jones

Sometimes I worry that my family is starting to sound like the subject of one of those bad daytime TV talk shows. An only child, parents divorced, mom is dating a younger guy and daughter disapproves. Okay, there, I said it. I have trouble with the idea that my mother is seeing a much younger man. How does a woman become involved with a man when she's almost old enough to be his mother? Naturally, I sound like I'm doing the old “why me?” with a dramatic arm slung across my forehead, but it's kind of a personal topic for me. The fact is more women are now dating younger men than at any previous time in history.

Statistically and logically, it makes sense. The advantages include compatible sex drives, the pairing of personalities rather than age groups and enhanced self-esteem on the part of women who no longer feel compelled to only date men of the same age or older. An increased interest in fitness has also led to more women looking younger and because women have a longer life expectancy, a relationship with a younger man can mean similar life spans. Women have become more independent and have their own careers, they aren't looking for security in marriage and may even look for a man whose career is less established allowing him to move with the woman's career changes. For a younger man, all of these factors can be of interest. A self-assured woman who has more life experience and is financially settled and looking for companionship rather than dependency is appealing for many younger men.

There is another consideration; men have been dating younger women for a very long time. So, “why not?” is the question? Just because the arrangement doesn't fit my vision of family, isn't it just another form of family in an age when families come in all shapes and sizes?

This may not have been my most objective feature article, but it's been good to write this piece. I'm not saying that I'm totally comfortable with Nick and my mom quite yet, but I think I understand a little more what the attractions might be.

Go mom (I guess)!




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