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by Zoey Jones

It's difficult to imagine that there can be a connection between aggression and popularity, but recent studies indicate that aggression may play into the popularity game. This is particularly the case when evaluating teen girls.

It came to light that teen girls who dominate their social world were more likely than males to experience an increase in popularity. By controlling the actions of those around them, they were perceived to have greater power and by extension popularity. Aggression in boys, however, did not seem to result in the same kind of popularity boost.

How do aggressive girls control the situation around them? There are several ways including setting the ‘rules', leading the group in aggressive behaviour or even determining if a particular classmate should be snubbed. There is one thing common to all of these situations: there is a leader and then there are followers.

This makes the question of how to eliminate aggression a little bit easier – don't be a follower and there won't be someone controlling your life. Don't be a spectator to another's abuse and lastly don't sell-out for the right to hang out with the popular kids if it means giving up your dignity. It just isn't worth it.

Stay strong and play fair,










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