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by Jack Sinclair

Music has always been the one thing in my life that I could relate to. It touched my soul and made me feel better about the world, but that was before I discovered that even music could be corrupted. Hatecore is the term used to describe the one kind of music I didn't think existed, music that's so hate filled that it's scary.

Hatecore also goes by the name of ‘white power', ‘white resistance' or ‘pro-white alternative' music, and it's all the same. It preaches rebellion and chaos and targets non-white races. The music is intended to attract young people to the white supremacy movement and recruit soldiers to the army of those fighting for what they consider to be a racial holy war.

Violence is a common accompaniment to hatecore, with concerts being held by invitation only and usually in remote rural areas. Mosh pits breakdown into fighting, while skinheads sport swastikas and promote hatred of all non-whites.

What's really disturbing is the distribution machinery behind the bands. What looks like indie releases are often backed by hatecore record labels that distribute free CDs. It's hate set to music and it's not cool. So, listen with your ears, but think with your head and heart. Make hatecore no more.








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