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by Patti Gislason

Webcam girls/guys are people who put themselves on display over the internet for the enjoyment of their web viewers. They may not think that what they are doing is ‘wrong', but they can be feeding on the unhealthy sexual desires of others. In a way, it's a form of virtual prostitution that satisfies a sexual need called ‘voyeurism'.

Voyeurism is the term used to describe sexual arousal that is the result of observing unsuspecting people (usually strangers) in the act of undressing or even sexual activity. The voyeur often masturbates during or after these activities. Voyeurism can be fed through webcams, telephone sex lines or other means of experiencing sexually charged activities through observation rather than one on one contact.

So, you may be asking if you're considered a voyeur if you happen to flip through a graphic magazine or see a movie with sexual content? The answer is ‘no'. Most people will come in contact with this kind of media at some point. The difference between casual viewing and the habits of a true voyeur are as follows:


  • will repeatedly observe unsuspecting person(s) for the purpose of sexual fulfillment for a period of 6 months or more.
  • pursue this activity to the point where it negatively affects their life.
  • usually begin this kind of behaviour before the age of fifteen.
  • this kind of behaviour may be their only sexual outlet.

Voyeurs can be treated, but as long as there are those online who are willing to exploit this tendency, it will be difficult to treat those who most need help.






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