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by Jack Sinclair

Interestingly, there is no word for “racism” in Cree, yet Native people have been experiencing racism for as long as there have been groups of people with ideas based on stereotypes. Native people are not the only ones to experience racism, but the mounting number of cases in the media about the justice system targeting First Nations and Métis people is very disturbing. It has been said that the only way to combat racism is through education. I know this article is only one voice, my voice, but through the power of the internet I'm hoping that my voice will reach beyond the limited border of my personal community and cause more people to stop and think.

Racism can be cloaked in many disguises. There are those who feel they can gain power by targeting others in an attempt to build up their own self-image. On an even larger scale, there are whole segments of society that sometimes blame another race or culture for events that they don't understand or that they believe are harmful. Then there is the kind of racism which I find most troubling, and that's when people witness racism but refuse to speak out about it.

I'm using this column to express my belief that racism has the power to destroy all connections between us as people, creates groups that hate for no reason other than a lack of understanding and drive a wedge into society that divides rather than unites.

The solution seems obvious….speak out against racism and make it a better world for all of us.



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