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Senior Designer / Developer

Jason Orban is a graduate of the Confederation College of Applied Design, Multimedia Production Program. A trained and talented web designer, his work demonstrates both a keen eye for visual imagery and a love of multimedia. Strong programming skills and amazing design ability enhance his understanding of the creative parameters necessary to ensure flawless delivery of an innovative, yet user-friendly design.

Technical Director / Developer

Trent Haus is an award-winning programmer and designer who has a love of media and the technical chops to rise to any occasion. He possesses a number of skills including navigational design, technical consultation, programming and digital production. Trent has extensive experience designing navigational structures that are both functional yet visually impressive.

Multimedia Designer / Developer

Brandon is a versatile multimedia developer with experience far beyond his years. His work demonstrates his in-depth experience in programming and design for both the corporate and entertainment industry.

Junior Designer / Developer

Aleaha is a work term student whose area of study is a perfect match for renegadepress.com IV. A student of Applied Arts (Visual Communications), Aleaha will graduate in the spring of 2007 from Medicine Hat College.

Project Manager/ Writer / Senior Editor

Kim Nakrieko comes from the television industry and has worked in positions ranging from Associate Producer to Story Department Coordinator. This background has provided her with insight into entertainment integration, and the ability to logistically bridge television and web components.


For the past four years, Dylan Worts has been working as the story department coordinator and story editor for two Canadian TV series, Corner Gas and renegadepress.com. In seasons three and four of renegadepress.com, along with coordinating the story department, Dylan wrote much of the content for the corresponding website. He is 26 and lives in Regina. He's a Capricorn.


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