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Band: Paper Moon
Song: "I've done it wrong Again"

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba Paper Moon make sophisticated pop music. Their latest album, "Broken Hearts Break Faster Every Day" on endearing records in Canada and Quince Records in Japan hit top 10 on Canadian campus radio and is starting to be added to rotation at various commercial radio stations. Look for the band on the road in Canada this spring and summer.


Band: Sinewave
Song: "Peace by Peace"

Down tempo atmospheric soundscapes and dreamy spacey pop songs are found on Sinewave's latest album, "Unity Gain" on Vinyl Republik Records.
Look for live appearances around Sinewave's hometown of Vancouver.


Artist: David J. Taylor
Song: "Muddy Rivers"

David J Taylor has spent his entire career working in a variety of capacities of music. He has released 13 albums in his professional career and produced 60 albums to date. Beyond recording and producing, David also works in post- production sound for film, television and commercials. Currently living in Regina, Saskatchewan, David also acts as a professional educator and panellist for the music industry when time allows.


Band: Chesterfield Rock
Song: "As the Story Goes"

Dynamic, young, energetic and ready to rock in a soft comfortable kind of
way. With a passion for composition and a collection of over sixty original songs Chesterfield Rock’s unique pop/rock sound appeals to all ages. Chesterfield Rock is Josh Giambattista (guitar/vocals), Aaron Coons (bass guitar), Carter Kolbeck (keyboards) and Shawn Ritco (drums)


Band: B'ehl
Song: "Geography"

B’ehl is indie pop from Winnipeg, Manitoba. "Geography" was taken from the album "Bright Eyes" on endearing records. B'ehl has released 2 albums and a number of singles, toured Canada several times and was written up in Billboard before disbanding in 2001. Members of the group went on to form the band Paper Moon.


Band: Johnny Hatch
Song: "Let's Go"

Johnny Hatch writes songs that are fun, melodic, rocking, pop tunes with a
new wave and folk influence. He has just released his debut solo CD
”Hot Traxx”. The Hatchman is from Regina, Saskatchewan and his second hometown is Vancouver, British Columbia. The song “Let's Go” was written along
with the legendary Jon THOR as part of a collaborative series of songs for
film and TV. Other songs of note include a track in the hit film 'Fubar'
(Alliance Atlantis) and shooting a video for the song included on the DVD,
as well as having 3 songs in the Hollywood film ‘Scooter Kids’ (Amsel
Entertainment). Johnny Hatch & the Lost Disciples are performing shows in
support of the new record.


Band: Dollar Store Mary
Song: "Real life Movie Stars"

Dollar Store Mary was a music group from Regina from 2000-2003. They
released one album "self titled" and play at The Flatland Music Festival in


Band: Vagiants
Song: "Detroit"

Vagiants are garage rock from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The song "Detroit" is taken from their second album, "Waiting for the Night to Come". Sadly, the Vagiants are now defunct, but members are playing in bands like Old Seed, American Flame Whip and the Perpetrators.


Band: Sutureself
Song: "Don't say that I didn't warn you"

Sutureself, based out of Regina, Saskatchewan since 1999, is the brainchild
of Todd Bryanton. Todd plays drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and
vocal chords. He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person.


Band: Kim Fontaine
Song: "Angel"

Kim Fontaine's unique style of folk-rock, with a hint of jazz and country
all mixed in one, is unforgettable. With over 20 years of experience as a
bass player, guitarist and backup vocalist, she has performed regularly
with various bands since she was 17. In 2003, with encouragement from friends and family Kim became a solo artist, releasing her first solo album "Morning Pages" in 2004. Kim has just finished her second album "Life Happens", to be released in early 2007.


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