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Episode 32

Weight of Responsibility Jack Sinclair
Renegadepress.com and Me Zoey Jones

Episode 33

Violence as Entertainment Zoey Jones
Both Sides of the Camera Alex Young

Episode 34

Girl Power Crystal Sinclair
High School Sport Recruitment Oscar Cherniak

Episode 35

Marijuana Legalization Debate Zoey Jones
Extreme Mom Sandi Bhutella

Episode 36

School Trustee Oscar Cherniak
Plan B Patti Gislason

Episode 37

The Impact of a Student's Death Patti Gislason
Street Racing Jack Sinclair

Episode 38

Intergenerational Impacts Jack Sinclair
Long Term Effects of Abuse Crystal Sinclair

Episode 39

The Transplant Jack Sinclair
Three's a Crowd Zoey Jones

Episode 40

Addicted to Video Games Sandi Bhutella
Fantasy vs. Reality Oscar Cherniak

Episode 41

Not Your Drugs Alex Young
Quick Fix Jack Sinclair

Episode 42

Good Studying Techniques Sandi Bhutella
Managing Stress Patti Gislason

Episode 43

Blog vs. Vlog Jack Sinclair
Emo Me Sandi Bhutella

Episode 44

The Booze Lose Jack Sinclair
Date Rape Zoey Jones

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