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Episode 23

Truth About Crystal Meth Jack Sinclair
Does Size Matter? Sandi Bhutella

Episode 24

Officially Home Zoey Jones
Passing Judgment Patti Gislason

Episode 25

The Not-So-Smart Teenage Brain Sandi Bhutella
Sex Anyone? Jack Sinclair

Episode 26

The Truth About Leukemia Crystal Sinclair
Return to the Rez Jack Sinclair

Episode 27

Real Hardship Zoey Jones
Angry Beast Jack Sinclair

Episode 28

Awful Secrets Jack Sinclair
To Tell the Truth... Sandi Bhutella

Episode 29

A Stand Against Bullying Melanie
The Continuing Battle of Addiction Crystal Sinclair

Episode 30

Standing Up for What You Believe In Oscar Cherniak
What's a Guy To Do? Sandi Bhutella

Episode 31

The Undeniable Power of Fear Zoey Jones
Stuck Between Two Truths Alex Young

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