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Episode 14

Speak Out Against Racism Jack Sinclair
Gay Jocks Oscar Cherniak

Episode 15

Voyeurism Patti Gislason
When is Sex Too Little, Too Soon? Zoey Jones

Episode 16

Hatecore Jack Sinclair
Talent? Shows Carmen Roverez

Episode 17

Hazing Rituals Crystal Sinclair
Aggression = Popularity? Zoey Jones

Episode 18

Youth Have Labour Rights Oscar Cherniak
One Size Doesn't Fit All Jack Sinclair

Episode 19

Older Women, Younger Men Zoey Jones
Best in Class Patti Gislason

Episode 20

Performance Enhancing Drugs? Sandi Bhutella
The First Duty of Love Zoey Jones

Episode 21

Passion and Peace Zoey Jones
Break Free Jack Sinclair

Episode 22

Cry For Help Zoey Jones
Good-bye Loneliness Jack Sinclair

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