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Episode 1

'Don't Get Me Trippin on Why I Love Hippin' Jack Sinclair
Through the Eyes of the Victim Zoey Jones
Suicide - It's Worth Talking About Zoey
Virginity - It's Your Decision and It's a Big One! Sandi Bhutella

Episode 2

Trust Me, I Know What I'm Talking About Jack Sinclair
Cyber Safety - Who's Watching Who? Zoey Jones
Internet Lingo - A Language All It's Own Crystal Sinclair

Playing Isn't Just For The Sandbox Anymore!

Sandi Bhutella

Episode 3

Tips on Freestylin' Jack Sinclair
Teen Drinking - More Than Just a Good Time Oscar Cherniak
STD/STO: What Does This Stand for Anyway? Sandi Bhutella

Good Advice

Sandi Bhutella

Episode 4

Hip Hop Lingo Jack Sinclair
Under The Knife - What's Worth Getting Cut Up Over Carmen Roverez
Stand Up, Be Proud Jack Sinclair

Do Your Pecs Hang Low?

Sandi Bhutella

Episode 5

Spittin' Battle Jack Sinclair
Skater Lingo Sandi Bhutella
Zero Tolerance - What Does it Mean? Zoey Jones

Fashionably Low

Sandi Bhutella

Episode 6

Modelling Isn't Just For the Runway Jack Sinclair
Group Homes - Who's in Charge? Zoey Jones
Blue Balls Blues Sandi Bhutella

What Did You Just Say? Sex Slang and What NOT to Say!

Sandi Bhutella

Episode 7

Sniffing - It All Stinks! Jack Sinclair
The Many Faces of Racism Zoey Jones
Ethnic Humour / When Should You Shut Up? Sandi Bhutella

Interracial Dating

Crystal Sinclair

Episode 8

Control Jack Sinclair
Pressure Drop Zoey Jones
Arranged Marriages - No Thank You! Sandi Bhutella

Anorexial - What is it Really?

Carmen Roverez

Episode 9

When Does Romance Cross the Line? Jack Sinclair
When is a Victim Done Being a Victim? Zoey Jones
Loosen Up it's Only Sex! Sandi Bhutella

Wanting to Do Right and Getting It So Wrong

Carmen Roverez

Episode 10

Gangs - Scary and Powerful Jack Sinclair
Teen Homelessness Zoey Jones
The Great Family Take Over Oscar Chemiak

Old Enough to Make a Mistake

Crystal Sinclair

Episode 11

How Do You Deal WIth Your Parents Mistakes Jack Sinclair
Privacy Infringment Zoey Jones
Are You Watching Me? Oscar Chemiak

Tolerance Is a Beautiful Thing

Oscar Chemiak

Episode 12

Sell Out or Sell More? Jack Sinclair
Selling Beauty Zoey Jones
Date Me, Date Me Not Oscar Chemiak

Finally a Cool Brother

Crystal Sinclair

Episode 13

Cyber Bullying - The Faceless Crime Jack Sinclair
Freedom Of Speech Zoey Jones
How To Act Dumb But Seem Smart Sandi Bhutella

Tolerance Is a Beautiful Thing

Oscar Chemiak

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