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Renegade Code of Conduct

The renegadepress.com forums and chats are moderated for user safety. However, we'd like to encourage users to notify the moderator if they see content that they feel is inappropriate.

To notify the moderator, simply click on the link located at the bottom of each forum page: See something inappropriate? mod@renegadepress.com. This provides the opportunity to notify the moderator of a message that you feel should be reviewed. If it is found to be offensive, it will be removed from the site. The moderator also has the right to suspend or eject the user from the community.


Personal Information

renegadepress.com provides an exciting opportunity for youth to express opinions and share viewpoints. While most people will be using the site appropriately, there is always a chance that there may be someone who will misrepresent who they are and will have potentially dangerous intentions. The people you meet online may be very different people in person. You must protect yourself by never communicating your personal information to people you don't know. This includes never revealing personal information through email, by uploading it to pages on the renegadepress.com website, posting it to a public discussion forum or when participating in live chats.


Never Reveal Personal Information Such As Your:

  • Full Name
  • Home Address
  • School Name
  • Personal Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Passwords

Never Reveal Personal Information About Anyone Else Either.


Renegadepress.com Rules for Posting

Users will not display, upload, post or distribute material or messages that are deemed to be inappropriate, offensive or illegal.

This includes:

  • Anything racially offensive.
  • Anything culturally offensive.
  • Anything sexually offensive.
  • Anything abusive.
  • Anything obscene.
  • Anything pornographic.
  • Anything that threatens or discriminates against an individual or a group of individuals.
  • Anything promoting violence or hatred.
  • Anything promoting drug use.
  • Anything promoting illegal activities.
  • Anything that contains personal information.
  • Users must not create or perpetuate ‘spam', as in the bulk distribution of messages, junk emails, chain emails or any other form of email annoyances.

Unacceptable Activities


Registered users on renegadepress.com may not:

  • Subvert security systems in place or disrupt the functionality of the site. Hacking is illegal.
  • Barr any user from accessing renegadepress.com online by changing passwords or by any other means.
  • Access another user's individual account.
  • Tamper with any user's files, settings or content submissions.
  • Violate copyright laws in place to protect ownership of another's work. This includes misrepresenting the ideas, writing, photographs, illustrations, images, media or any other work of another as being a creation of one's own.
  • Upload or circulate computer viruses knowingly or deliberately.
  • Fail to abide by the Terms of Use

These rules are non-negotiable and failure to comply may result in suspension or removal from the database of users, or legal action in extreme cases (e.g. postings advocating hate, violence, drug use, illegal activity). These rules remain subject to change at anytime.

Last Updated: January 16, 2004


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